Vocab Wednesdays #3


Completely Cut Off

My feed is flooded with year-end round-ups, and it isn’t limited only to a few sites. The Christmas buzz has been replaced by an intense nostalgia that the new year seems to be inducing in almost everyone I know. Seduced by its popularity, I almost wrote one myself, but I couldn’t get past the first few words. It isn’t like me at all to be a follower of the current trend (sometimes I’m happily unaware of it), while it is exactly like me to be breaking traditions. So, in my last text post of the year 2015, I have decided to share a mundane but powerful experience rather than talk about what a satisfying or challenging year I had because, frankly, I don’t think even I’d bother to re-read it.

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Happy Endings

Coming up with good ideas for blog posts is quite a challenge, especially when trying to stick to a theme. In this post, I will be touching upon happy endings from a storytelling perspective, which I thought was apt for the ‘Fictional Fridays’ feature as the year end approaches.

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Vocab Wednesdays #2


I had no idea that there was a verb for this.

View from the Window Seat

I travelled in the local bus for a good part of the day yesterday and today, spending close to 7 hours in buses and bus stops. Given an option, I always take the window seat. Its lofty position gives me a view of the streets that no other form of transportation can match. I rarely travel without my earphones in my pocket. The perfect combination of peppy music and the sound of my thoughts in my head infuse enough patience in me to endure the longest journeys through the worst traffic snarls. However, the sights outside interest me the most. Travelling at night is rarely as captivating as during the day because the only two colours I see are the grey hues of buildings and the stark yellow of street lights. While several scenes made me sit up and take notice during my journey, here are two stories I thought I must share.
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The Power of Fiction

I went to the movies yesterday to watch Tamasha (if you’re curious, see here). Since I’m generally not a fan of Bollywood movies, I walked in as a skeptic. However, it did one thing exceptionally well – highlighting the art of storytelling. Fiction plays an important role in the main character’s life, which got me thinking about how influential it is in mine.

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