Shower Thoughts + Friends GIFs

The mundane task of bathing should only take a few minutes and go something like this…


However, I tend to lose all sense of time and immerse myself in whatever my imagination throws up. I don’t know what it is about this one daily ritual that seems to fire off all kinds of creative thoughts in my brain.

I expect a lot of people will have a reaction akin to…


Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that. I replay scenes from the WIP in my head, only to be interrupted by flashes of brilliant ideas. I title some upcoming blog posts. The words themselves make an appearance rarely, and when it does happen, I feel like…

Phoebe excited

But it’s not as cool as it sounds. It’s incredibly frustrating when your mind is active and there is no pen and paper around. While a sprinkling stick around till I find them, most just float away, forgetting to drop by later, which makes me go like…



I’ve tried a new kind of post this time – less formal, less wordy. For your incredible patience in staying with me till here…


Did you enjoy it? I’m looking forward to your reaction in the comments section.


11 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts + Friends GIFs

  1. Friends gifs!
    But I feel you on shower ideas. I try to focus on one until I get out of the shower and can write it down. They make shower notepad these days that are waterproof, but I’m not lucky to own one…


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