Fictional Fridays #5

For this post, I’m not using any prompts. My brain refused to be led in the direction they were kind enough to provide. I’m giving it a free reign this one time. I’m actually much more comfortable writing fantasy than reality. I’ve slipped back to the comfort of my favourite genre here.

Three distinct little stars fell from the night sky, grabbing Cirdan’s attention. ‘Just an airplane,’ he thought, letting his gaze wander back to the horizon. He was familiar with them by now – the metal birds that the Daylighters created. Their world was full of colour and he wondered what that felt like. All his life, he had only known shadow and light. The Veil that separated the Night Walkers’ world from the Daylighters’ had no holes. He could only get a glimpse because of his Sight. ‘A blessing,’ he told himself, but he sometimes wondered if it was. He reflexively scratched the side of his face where a few of his people had something called ears. He shook his head. Sight was infinitely better, he decided.

He scanned the sky for signs of the Monster. The Sensor had been sure he had felt a pulse, a warning of its arrival into their world. Yet, as a faint light began to fight its way through the darkness towards the east, he couldn’t spot anything out of the ordinary. A few Daylighters still milled about. They were becoming bolder, burning their strange little lights through the night, stepping into the shadows that was once the sole dominion of the Night Walkers. However, they never spotted him and they unconsciously seemed to steer clear of him. None of them seemed to have the Sight, but their instincts were remarkably good.

Cirdan knew it was time he went back to the caves. Daylight was inevitably coming. It would burn his skin and blind his Sight if he stayed where he was. He studied the ground beneath him and checked his posture before he jumped. Even if it was slightly off, he would plummet to his death. He couldn’t feel his landing. Only a Sensor could do that. He would have liked to be one. Sitting in the sidelines, not risking his life every time he left his home would be a welcome change.

There was a hint of a movement above him. He tensed, making sure his defences were up and rose to face the Monster.

A wispy creature hovered inches from the earth. Its outer edges were pure shadow, but a fierce light glowed in its core. It pierced his sensitive eyes and he snapped them shut, flinging his hands in front of them desperately. A Mist Wraith was a Level 5 Monster, the kind that only Masters could kill. Stumbling as his Sight failed him, he fell face forward into the dirt, accepting his doom.


I’m uncomfortable leaving my hero in such a bad situation. As always, I have questions for my patient readers. Would you like to know more? What did you think of the first sentence? Did it compel you to read more? Let me know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Fictional Fridays #5

  1. You write well. I am not too much into science fiction, so many of the characters introduced by you are unknown to me. For that reason, my comments may not be very valuable to you.
    Regarding your first line, I have a question. What’s distinctive about the three stars?

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    • I’m unfamiliar with science fiction too. This is the realm of fantasy. πŸ™‚
      Creating new characters or races is as much part of it as science fiction. I have been lazy here and chosen earth itself as the world.
      If you’ve seen airplanes at night, you’ll notice that there are always three twinkling lights you can see, not the airplanes themselves. They look like falling stars, but slightly different from the actual ones. So, they stand out distinctly from the rest of the sky. That’s how I see it, anyway. Did that answer your question?

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  2. I did like this short. Is this a continuation of something? I just started following your blog, so I’m not sure if this is a snippit of something larger or if it stands on its own. The ending suggests more, but I don’t know about the beginning.
    I did like the first line, though. It makes you wonder what is so special about those stars that caused the character to notice.

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  3. Ooh…this was fun to read! So I thought I was following you already, but today when I was scrolling through blogs I follow, I found out I wasn’t. 😦
    I am now. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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