Why Other High Fantasies Can’t Match the Power of The Lord of the Rings

An excellent post that I couldn’t resist sharing. It puts all of my feelings for Professor Tolkien’s work into words and I couldn’t have done it better myself. After reading this, I went to my Fangirl Level: Max state. 😀

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Tolkien Event 2016

Every year on March 25, the anniversary of the Downfall of Sauron, the Tolkien Society hosts Tolkien Reading Day. This year’s theme is Life, Death, and Immortality. The primary goal is to promote the reading of the works of J.R R. Tolkien! To celebrate, Pages Unbound will be hosting two weeks of Tolkien-related posts. In addition to our own thoughts, we will be featuring guest posts,interviews, and giveaways!

Published in the 1950s, J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has become the touchstone of high fantasy and many an author has failed in trying to emulate the professor’s formula.  Elves, Dwarves, goblins, and even orcs abound in the genre, and shelves overflow with volumes full of pseudo-medieval worlds and bad archaic English.  Tolkien’s unique training as a philologist, his dedication to creating a mythology for England, and his painstaking attention to detail all contribute to…

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Fictional Fridays #6

I’m excited to be posting fiction on my blog again. I already had something in mind and it coincidentally turned out in such a way that I could work FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #19-A Celebration into the story. My word count isn’t anywhere close to what is expected, but I didn’t want to drag  it out.
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Vocab Wednesdays #9


What Do You Write?

Here’s a small poem I wrote in less than 10 minutes because my usual prose seemed uninspired and lifeless. I think it captures every writer’s frustration in simple words. Hope you enjoy!

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How to Write When You’re Not Writing

Coming back from a long hiatus is refreshing as well as slightly daunting. I’ve been struggling to come up with an idea for my “comeback” post. I’ll be sharing some writing advice in this one.

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