What Do You Write?

Here’s a small poem I wrote in less than 10 minutes because my usual prose seemed uninspired and lifeless. I think it captures every writer’s frustration in simple words. Hope you enjoy!

When your mind is empty,
When the pen drags across
The blank pages,
What do you write?

When the words
Seem to abandon you,
When your head aches,
What do you write?

When your heart refusesΒ 
To pour forth its feelings,
When your hands cannot obey,
What do you write?

When there is a deadline
And time races ahead,
But your body is frozen,
What do you write?


You’re welcome to add more lines if you think of any – just leave it as a comment.

14 thoughts on “What Do You Write?

  1. Yeah…. I know that feeling, too. Writer’s block is never fun. But it’s only temporary. As long as you keep trying and surround yourself with different types of inspiration and creativity, you’ll pull through. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Nandini.

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