Fictional Fridays #8

I set myself a word count of 200 for this one and managed to hit the exact number. I’m planning to continue it, although writing outside of my Camp NaNoWriMo project is next to impossible. This is an old idea that I’m bringing to life now, so I do hope I can finish, unlike countless others that I couldn’t.

Alive by Night – Part 1

Trystan was sure he’d locked the gate and barred the doors, but the quiet sounds of sobbing coming from his office shattered his belief. His body froze as fear coursed through his veins. The delayed tingle of adrenaline freed his limbs and he shrugged off the mounting anxiety to tiptoe his way to the bedroom door. He paused and listened.  The voice was definitely a woman’s and the sniffling was accompanied by sounds of choking. Alarmed, he took the last few brave steps and switched on the lights of the adjacent room.

He scanned the room for signs of life, but there were none. It was as empty as he’d left it before he’d turned in for the night. Becoming increasingly disturbed, he walked the length and breadth of the room, trying to find the distressed lady, but it appeared as if she didn’t exist. He rubbed his eyes to shake off the sleepiness. The room went quiet for a minute and he could hear his pulse quicken. Just as it reached a crescendo, the crying started again, interspersed with high-pitched wails this time. Trystan backed off and pinched himself, but the scene in front of his eyes didn’t change.


Hard to believe that so little is 200 words, right? I’m planning to write 10,000 for my Camp NaNo project and I hope to accomplish that as well. It’s not a tall order, but finding time for writing is.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Too little? I agree. But I have a specific question this time. How do you think the story will progress? Channel your inner Sherlock and post your answer in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Fictional Fridays #8

  1. That he “was sure he’d locked the gate and barred the doors” implies to me from the get go he is trying to keep something specific out, that not only “the scene in front of his eyes didn’t change” he wasn’t entirely surprised by it, he was fearing its arrival (or even return). I would throw out there what he sees is a haunting manifestation of a terrible deed he had done. Is it real? or just an illusion created by his severe guilt?

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    • Very astute observations! I’m so glad that you took the time to read it and analyse it. Thank you. 🙂
      I’d say about 80% of it is spot on. I’ll be answering the questions you’ve posed in the next in installment, so watch out for more next Friday.

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