Warning: Stay far, far away from this post. It’s not worth your time.

You have been warned. The rest is up to you.

With that cheerful introduction out of the way, let’s get right into the crux of what seem like several unconnected matters, prompted by the lovely people at The Daily Post.

No, I’m not feeling playful. If I had a puppy, even it wouldn’t be playful because of how its owner is feeling right now. Two months of holidays should be a reason to celebrate, right? But what if it’s driving me insane?



Like all creatures of logic, I set out to analyze just why and here I present to you my findings –

1. No laptop
I love the feel of a keyboard underneath my fingers as I type. I also like how the screen is so much bigger than my phone and how it has my favourite softwares installed on it. Unfortunately, I’ve been reduced to writing on my phone, which I’m not used to and it has seriously killed my mood to write even though I find myself free every second hour of the day. With a submission date of 19th June for a short story contest, I don’t know how I’ll make it in time unless I get hold of one very soon. There’s of course my academic summer project to consider. I didn’t know till now the pain of trying to read an academic paper till your eyes tear up. Try that with a pesky neighbour – oh, wait, that’s the next reason.

2. Lawlessness
I quite pride myself on being on the right side of the law (especially the traffic rules) but it seems my neighbour seems to have thrown that word out of his dictionary. If I’d ever been naive enough to believe in the notion that all men (and women) are born equal, then I would definitely change my mind after his behaviour. Being a rather influential person, it seems that everything he does is considered right – such as hosting parties that go on till 3 AM and consequently disturbing a good neighbour’s (read as yours truly’s) sleep cycle. With lack of sleep and utter helplessness, I turn to my blog to rant about it. For all those brave souls out there who think that I should go and have a word, let’s just say that the only person in that household I can have an actual conversation with is the dog (who is quite playful).

This is where I have to stop because my eyes are watering and it’s taken me quite a long time to put this much together. If you have annoying neighbours or just feel like some good old complaining will greatly benefit your emotional health, don’t miss out on the chance of commenting below. Also, is anyone here an expert on living life without a laptop? If so, I’d be grateful for a few tips.

P. S. I don’t have the energy left to edit the post, so if you find an error, just leave a comment or forgive and forget.

5 thoughts on “Playful?

  1. I have only ever used my phone for absolutely everything you see on all my blogs (including, but not restricted to; building all three of my sites, writing, photography, video editing, animation, making music and digital art) because I have never owned a computer and I like the challenge of working out how to do things by improvising.
    There is, so far, nothing I haven’t been able to do, it’s truly amazing what you can achieve with something so compact that fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. ;~}

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    • That’s amazing! One day you have got to show the rest of us how you do so much on such a small device. I’m glad yours doesn’t give you a headache like mine does. 😛
      Or maybe it’s just me. I prefer a big screen any day. I have minimal number of apps on my phone and don’t use them all that much.
      The good news is my new laptop arrived yesterday and I’ve been busy tinkering with it all day. Now I can get back to checking things off my to-do list (one of which was following your blog because my phone didn’t give me that option). 🙂

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