On Overuse – Part Two

[Note: Life is getting slightly more hectic than I’d planned for, so I’ve not been putting up Fictional Fridays in August thus far. I will get back to it once time permits. Even this post is hardly what you’d call wordy, but I’ve tried to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. Hope you enjoy!]

As I spend an increasing amount of time surfing through the Internet (mostly Twitter), I can’t help but notice some glaringly overused words and phrases. As my previous post On Overuse is probably my most successful post to date, I decided to pour out my annoyance in part two.

1. Analytics

Cloud computing and the space privatisation race are so passé right now. All the major corporations want to jump into this new and exciting field. Mostly, it doesn’t concern the average individual. Except when countless ads show up on one’s feed every 20 seconds. Also, almost every job profile right now has an ‘analyst’ tag next to it, so my email inbox is peppered with the term as well.



2. Startup

It’s no coincidence that this word rhymes with ‘shut up’.  MNC was a popular term in the previous decade (I knew the full form as a 10-year-old) and now it’s this. I can’t look at a single newspaper today without reading this word somewhere. What’s the big deal with it, anyway? Weren’t all corporations a startup at some point? I think it’s time we acknowledged the successful ones by calling them ‘companies’ and the rest as ‘failed businesses’.


3. Trumpism

There’s an apt definition for this term in the Urban Dictionary:

The belief system that encourages abrasive, pretentious, narcissistic behavior as the way to achieving money, fame and power.


4. Gangsta

In modern society where machines are being designed to be more intelligent than humans, a sort of reverse evolution is going on with the homo sapiens, evidenced by the fact that this is an actual word which is actually trending. If being cool involves making stupid decisions and speaking like an uneducated lowlife, I can only shudder when I think about what the next fad will be.


5. Filter

I’m not on Instagram or Snapchat and neither do I have a photo editing app on my phone, yet this word is omnipresent. The obsession to catalogue every fifth second of one’s existence by clicking a picture, adding effects and sharing it with everybody one knows (and doesn’t) is perhaps the least productive way to spend one’s time.


I’m sure there are some more out there, just waiting to get on my nerves at some point in my life, but these take the prize. If the word/phrase that annoys you the most hasn’t made the list, you can always tell me in the comments section below. Now I’m off to scroll through overly patriotic posts and pictures coated with the tricolour filter. Happy Independence Day, fellow Indians!

12 thoughts on “On Overuse – Part Two

  1. I don’t think I’d mind the term ‘gangster’ if people meant the badass mobsters of the early 20th Century: the ones who wore suits and great hats and were superficially polite even as they brutally killed and terrorised people… People who wear their pants so low that you can see their underwear are not gangster :p

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  2. I did hear the birds tweeting ( except the hummingbirds) in my backyard today morning before coming to office. Other than that no tweeter. I have one but do not know how to use it.

    Good post.


  3. I liked Stephen Colbert’s view of trump. He had made up this word: “Truthiness” years ago – a truth you feel in your gut. But he changed it now to “Trumpiness” something you feel a bit lower than your gut lol.


  4. I disagree with “Filter”. I think the prevalence of photo editing software that can fit on a phone is a good thing; it encourages creativity and inventiveness in people who previously hadn’t considered the artistic possibilities of photography.

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