The Inspiration Circle – Aug ’16

It’s been a pretty hectic month for me personally. I haven’t kept to my posting schedule strictly (oops!) and my fiction output fell to zero. I’m not particularly proud of admitting that, but it helps in easing the blogger guilt trapped inside just a little. I’m in dire need of inspiration to get off to a good start next month (I have plans! More about it at the end of the post).


The Quote

I seem to have a lot of plans lately, so many different opportunities to explore and I still haven’t made up my mind. The primary reason is because I don’t want to make the wrong one and end up in a place I don’t want to be. This great writer aptly summarises my feeling at the moment and then puts a positive spin on things.

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.

-Stephen King, On Writing

The Article

I don’t know how useful it might be to a consistent writer, but I’m one of those all-or-nothing kind of writers who writes in sudden bursts and then fades to black for a while. The first paragraph of this article was something I could instantly related to. It shares a few tips to get writing again, which I found very helpful. Writer’s Digest is my go-to place for all things writing. Seriously, I don’t even Google. Perhaps this article will help you see why.

The Setback: How to Successfully Start Writing Again (Published January 30, 2014) by Cris Freese.

The Talk

This video by my friend (I’m not being paid to promote, I just follow her channel a lot) brings back memories of a post I’d written on a similar vein (Remember How to Write When You’re Not Writing?). This is light-hearted, sarcastic and made me laugh out loud a few times. Check it out for a break from monotony and all the seriousness in life, for it is refreshingly inspiring.

General Inspiration

Image result for inspirational quotes

Right? They make it sound so simple! Then again, it is easy enough to try. I’ll get on to that in a few minutes after finishing up this post. Feel like telling me something? Head over to the comments section and leave your thoughts.

Now for the announcement (drum roll)! I re-read The Lord of the Rings every year in September, so I’ve decided to make September the Reading Month on Pages That Rustle. On Mondays, I will be posting book reviews all month. Vocab Wednesdays shall proceed as usual. Fridays will turn into a Best of The Lord of the Rings series, in which I shall be discussing my favourite parts of the book – the characters, the setting and much more! I will also be doing a special post on Hobbit Day. I’m unsure as to whether I should celebrate it on the 13th, like a puritan, or 22nd, the unconverted calendar date. Suggestions?

10 thoughts on “The Inspiration Circle – Aug ’16

  1. This reminds me of something we had talked about recently… how you’ve wanted to commit yourself more to your writing but haven’t done so yet. (I think we had talked about that… right?) But like with any plan, the hardest part is making that commitment to carry it out. If we don’t give that plan a shot, we’ll never know if we can do it or not. And if we do, we might surprise ourselves.

    September’s almost here?? *blinks and shakes her head* It’s so hard to comprehend; I feel like my head’s in a fog, and next week is simply next week. My mother said something about my birthday the other day, and I was like, “Wait. My birthday is coming up?” That’s how nutty it’s been lately.

    Anyways – yes to the Best of LOTR series and Reading Month! Both sound like great ideas, and I can’t wait to see what you share with us on both fronts. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I’m excited about it as well. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be as good as it is in my head. 😛
      We did talk about that, yes. Now that I’m reading DIY MFA, I’m feeling even more motivated to make that commitment to my writing (another example of why reading is so important). I’ll definitely try to be more consistent on the blogging front and all my writing activities from now on. Thank you for all the encouragement and book recommendations, of course. 😀
      Oh, it seems like you’re having a really hectic time right now. The only time I forget what month it is is during my holidays and that’s because I don’t have to write the date anywhere. After your friend’s wedding, perhaps things will settle down and you can centre yourself. How did the day off doing yoga and mandala colouring go? Did that help?

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      • You’re very welcome. 🙂

        Relaxing is definitely part of the post-wedding plan. Monday is a holiday (Labor Day) and day off from work, so I’m planning to use that time to read, exercise (yoga and, if it’s nice outside, walking), and editing TKC. That last bit may sound like work, but doing what I love most always puts a smile on my face.

        Yes! I did 1 hour of yoga and got most of the way through a mandala (one that was more complicated than I thought it would be, so I’ll finish it another time). Read quite a bit as well, and meditated. I still feel a little bit tired, but not as much as I did yesterday.


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