Looking Ahead

As September draws to an end, I can’t be more happy with the posts I put up this month. Doing double features was a lot of fun! I blogged about things that really mattered to me, so I didn’t anxiously look at my Stats page and sweat about the views. I was again reminded of the fact that blogging won’t seem like a chore if I’m writing about things I love. I wanted to do another Inspiration Circle post today, but the WordPress website seemed to be shutting me out, so with the limited functionality that the app offers, I decided to turn this one into a ‘How I Spent September and What to Expect from Me in October’ post.

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September Hits and Misses

Personally, it was a great month for me. I hit all my goals, be it keeping to my blogging schedule regularly or doing well in my tests. However, there were a few letdowns too. Remember the devastating news I mentioned in my Monday post? Well, I had just come to know that an old school classmate of mine passed away in a gruesome hit-and-run accident quite close to where I live; in fact, that place is on the route I take to college every morning. That affected me a lot and it still haunts me every time I pass by that place.

Moving on to lighter stuff, I just couldn’t finish The Lord of the Rings movie marathon and bake my lembas bread or the Beornings’ honey cake. Hobbit Day went unmarked this time and the nerd inside me is quite upset about it. The bookworm is purring contentedly though, for I managed to read quite a bit this month and reviewed 4 books – 50 points to Ravenclaw. 😀 I didn’t write all that much besides the blog posts as I had a pretty busy month, but I did manage to write a small one for a cause my friend supports and she loved it. (That made my day!) I will probably be posting it sometime next month.

What’s in Store for October?

October is definitely the best month in the calendar, at least this year. The two most important festivals fall in this month – Dasara and Deepavali – which means lots of holidays! I’ll be quite busy staying on a satvik diet and doing pooja for a few days, but I’ll still have a lot of time left to stuff myself with sweets and lie around lazily. What’s not to look forward to?

Blogging-wise, I want to be doing a series of ‘My Top Three’ posts, where I’ll be discussing all of the things I like listening to, watching, etc. Hopefully, this will help my readers get to know me better. I will also promise a lot of fun GIFs, so you should probably watch this space on Mondays. I also have a guest post (a first for me) lined up on the 17th, which introduced me to a new genre. (I’d heard of it before, but I still haven’t read a book of that kind. I’m finally going to be reading one book inspired by that post in October, which had been recommended to me by a good friend long ago.) Intrigued? Then don’t miss the post on the 17th!

I’m still staying off fiction next month because I’m saving up all my creative juice for NaNoWriMo in November, so Fridays are going to be slightly different this time. I will be doing a series of NaNo prep posts and I’m very excited about this because I really want to have a finished first draft by the end of November. I’m not much of a plotter, so it’s going to be a new experience for me that I’m looking forward to for I love venturing out of my comfort zone. (Just kidding, nobody likes doing that.)

Well, I think I’ve said all that there is to say. How was September for you? What are your plans for the coming month? Are you entering NaNoWriMo this year? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy weekend! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. You’re doing NaNaWriMo?? Ohhhhh good luck, Nandini! Are you shooting for the typical 50,000 words, or a different milestone?

    For me, September was about getting back to some sense of normalcy after a really busy summer. It was nice to also visit my parents on Cape Cod again, but sometimes there’s nothing nicer than being home and relaxing. (In my realm, “relaxing” means working on the WIP, along with actual relaxing.) I rediscovered that in September, and was it ever lovely.

    I’m sorry to hear about your former classmate. Were you close with him/her in the past?

    Looking forward to your first guest post on the 17th and anything else you have to share with us this month. Your reading theme and LOTR posts last month were great, btw!

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    • Thank you for that, Sara! I really needed to hear that about my September posts. 🙂
      I’m going for the typical goal – no month like November to finally get to my first draft!
      I’m glad to hear things have somewhat settled down for you and that you are making appropriate changes to better suit your needs. I totally get that. 🙂
      I was close, but it was a long time back and we’d lost touch. I felt very guilty about that initially, but I’ve come to accept that as a part of the grief that still lingers. The news came as such a shock!
      I really hope my October posts resonate with my readers. Happy October and fall to you! 🙂


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