#NaNoWriMo Stage 3

This one’s just going to be a quick update because I really, really need to get back to writing. Current word count is 15,331 and the impossible goal is looking, well, impossible, at the moment. Sure, it sounded doable last week and it probably still is. But time is the great equaliser, isn’t it? The one thing we all could do with a little bit more and probably waste it if we got it anyway?


To be completely honest, I have been wasting whatever I have been blessed with. I went to the movies, twice. While they both were so excellent I’d rather watch them a million times over, when I look at what I’m supposed to be doing versus what I have been doing, it’s not a good picture. It makes me feel twice as bad because I loved going to the theatre, putting on swanky 3D glasses and watching the special effects take over my imagination. It gave me new ideas I could put into my writing, but it wasn’t writing. Why is there no machine that puts my thoughts into words yet? I could write even in my sleep then.

While I could make up excuses all night long if I let myself, I have to hoard up those words in my head and let them spill into my novel, so I’ll quickly get to this week’s advice and disappear with the awesome Cloak of Levitation that I borrowed from Doctor Strange. This doesn’t really qualifies as advice; it might be more accurate to call it a bumper saying or motivation, but you can also call it a mantra and dwell upon that for the rest of November: Don’t give up.

For the vast majority of the people doing NaNoWriMo, I bet you have buddies or at least found some people while looking through your social media feed who have already achieved their word count goals and gone on to write more. Instead of looking at them with envy, learn from them. If they can do it, you can do it too, no matter what your current word count is. It’s just the 18th of the month and there’s still time left. If you really want to see a winner badge pinned to that lovely novel you dreamed up in October (or even years ago, as is my case), you have to make some sacrifices. I’ve decided not to see my friends until I have hit 50,000 words. I have study holidays now and my exams begin on the 28th of November, but to be fair, I’m not going to be studying all that much next week. That will inevitably lead to going out with friends because there’s nothing else to do and it’s in these precious little days that all our half-baked ideas of going out to some fancy place start looking really enticing. What are you willing to give up for your novel?

I can’t believe that’s almost 500 words and it took me all about 10 minutes to finish that (I know it shows in quality). If you’re doing NaNoWriMo too, please share your success stories with me in the comments section below. Sob stories are also accepted and quite welcome, especially if you make references to Doctor Strange or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. For the innocent bystanders, we can always discuss those movies I mentioned, so don’t forget to leave a comment if you’ve watched them/want to watch them. Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Stage 3

  1. DR Strange sounds really great especially because, Benedict Cumberbatch *acts like i know how to spell it* is the leading role!

    Fantastic beasts and where to find them seems exciting but I’m yet to read the book, so i can’t watch the movie just yet.

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    • It was especially liberating to watch the movie without having read the book. It’s a great movie! If you’re a Potterhead, it’s a must watch. πŸ˜€
      I’m pretty sure 90% of why I liked Doctor Strange is because of Benedict. The effects are really cool too. One must watch it at the theatre for maximum impact, in my opinion. πŸ™‚

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