2016 Wrap-Up

I know it’s a terribly clichéd idea for a blog post, but looking back at the year often provides valuable lessons for the future. We probably all had that one big, embarrassing failure we don’t want to talk about and pray will never happen to us again. We all hopefully experienced a few deviously designed plans by the devil that confounded us but which we overcame anyway, becoming wiser in the process. We all definitely had those beautiful moments where the entire universe was perfectly aligned just for us, which brings a smile on our faces even as we think about it now. By now you should be convinced this is a great post idea. If you are, then bear with me as I share how 2016 went for me (and you can tell me all about yours after that).


Lessons and Rewards

One major lesson of the year was that I don’t need to suffer through all the classes to get good grades. I’m one of those people who learn a lot in the classroom, so I always thought attending regularly and paying attention in class guaranteed academic success for me. As it turns out, I do fairly well in self-learning too, although I need someone to push me to study (thank you, Vaishali, although I know you’re still not satisfied because I didn’t dedicate the entire blog post to your awesomeness). While I apologise for setting a bad example for younger readers and I’m sure my school teachers would probably be horrified looking at this, I think that college works differently. I often didn’t end up studying under the best teacher for every subject, so self-learning was an important skill I picked up.

I think I’m getting slightly better at time management (I can imagine my mom shaking her head in vehement opposition to this) and learning to prioritise my work better, which has helped me successfully juggle the different aspects of my life. I definitely know that I’ve started ‘living in the moment’ more, which means I gets more things done. It has invariably led to good results such as better grades in college, stats beyond anything I could have imagined on my blog, more time to read, write and generally pursue other interests and so on.

I also had the good fortune of getting wonderful opportunities both in college and outside of it. After I joined college, I thought I’d fallen back to being contented with mediocrity and I didn’t actively seek out things that would challenge me as an individual. However, 2016 turned that around for me and I’m so grateful because it helped bolster my self-confidence. I’ve already started formulating bigger, more challenging plans for the next year and although I know I may not get all of them done, at least I’m not too terrified to try.

Of course, the year wasn’t filled with rainbows and sunshine. The start of the year plunged me into an all-time low. Personal setbacks, difficulties in the relationships with family and friends, deaths of near and dear ones and many other not-so-good things did bring me down and even reduced me to tears at times. The most important takeaway from all of those was that I must give myself time to grieve but also move on from them and not let them warp my future experiences with tinges of cynicism, resentment or regret.


Best Day I Had: 26th of December, the day I bought my wonderful hardcover movie tie-in edition of The Return of the King by extraordinary chance for a shockingly low price

Best Book I ReadThe Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan (fiction) and DIY MFA by Gabriela Pereira  (non-fiction)

Best Piece I Wrote: On Overuse

Best Movie I Watched: Godhi BaNNa… (regional) and Captain America: Civil War (international)

Best TV Episode I Watched: I didn’t watch a lot of current shows this year, so my choice is The Winds of Winter (GoT S06 E10)

Best Place I Visited: The Bookworm on Church Street, where I bought that copy of The Return of the King 😉

Best Gift I Received: The reproduction of Arwen’s necklace from The Lord of the Rings movies

How was 2016 for you? Let me know in the comments section, or if you’re planning to do a similar post on your blog, leave the link down below.

15 thoughts on “2016 Wrap-Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your reflections on 2016. Sounds like a year of serious growth – not often a comfortable process, but so very important & good in the truest sense of the word.

    Wish you could pay a visit to London for New Years – we’re celebrating with an all-night marathon of Lord of the Rings! But hopefully you’ll be enjoying your new Return of the King:))
    Happy New Year!

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  2. I don’t think New Year’s posts are cliche. A lot of bloggers do them in one way, shape, or form. Plus, it’s normal for us to look back on a year at this time, or even on our birthdays. Yours was a lovely post, especially with the lessons and personal observations that you shared. (And I’m with you on time management – I feel like I’ve gotten better in that area, but I feel like I could still do better.)

    “The most important takeaway from all of those was that I must give myself time to grieve but also move on from them and not let them warp my future experiences with tinges of cynicism, resentment or regret.”

    ^^ Truth. I went through a depression-like period about 5 years ago (during this time of year, actually), and it took a complete change of attitude and beliefs before I felt like myself again. So I’m glad to know you came out of your sadness with a similar, healthier perspective.

    DIY MFA was your favorite nonfiction book of last year?? 😀 And a replica of Arwen’s LOTR necklace? That must be exquisite! (It’s the Evenstar one, right?)

    Happy New Year, Nandini! 🙂

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    • It was nice to look back and take stock. Yes, time management is something I really should work on, especially with the new goals I’ve set for myself this year. Timetables have never worked for me though. If you have any tips, do share them. 🙂
      I hope I remember these lessons later on when I need them. Writing them down here really helps.
      Yes, the book inspired me to write more and consistently, besides other things. And yes, I meant the Evenstar necklace. I shall share a photo with the book and the necklace someday if I can.
      Happy new year to you too, Sara! 🙂

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      • I can think of two time management tips off the top of my head:

        1) Know what your priorities are and stick to them. That idea alone was what helped me manage my new writing routine last year. It reminded me to spend less time on social media and other things so I could maximize my writing time.

        2) Stick to any schedules, timetables, or limits you set. The writing schedule I used last year (and will use again for my next project, starting tonight) involves a quick dinner after I get home from work, then 60 to 90 minutes of writing. Any extra time is for the blog, social media, or things around the house. I also shut down my computer at 8:45 pm regardless so I can get to bed at a decent time. If I toyed with this schedule at all, I won’t be as productive with my writing, and I might not get enough sleep. (And sleep is very important. *wink*)

        Ohhhhh, Evenstar is so pretty! What a treasure to have your own replica of it. 🙂

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