The Inspiration Circle – Jan ’17

Welcome to the first ever Inspiration Circle of 2017! As you might know, January was an average writing month for me but a good reading one. To make sure February is better, here is a little motivation for myself as well as any of you readers who might need it. It’s going to be shorter than the usual ones because I’m typing this in a tearing hurry. (I feel like this is a recurring pattern in January. Hmmm.) Let’s get to the good stuff now.


The Quote

“A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing, it can change your life.”

– Tobias Wolff

There’s a lot of negativity in the world and it’s becoming glaringly apparent these days. I’m not sure how one little voice such as mine might make any difference, but I hope to write more uncensored and thought-provoking pieces that scared me before because it felt like I was laying bare my soul. However, after one especially kind comment I received this month, I’ve grown more confident, so I’ve decided to write more ‘true pieces’.

The Article

The above quote led me to this article. It is personal and practical (unlike mine that tend to be abstract), so definitely check it out!

How Writing can Change the World by Justin Harmon.

The Talk

See how many of them you can recognise. Also, have fun.

General Inspiration

Image result for inspiration quotes

My amazing procrastination skills keep me waiting for that ‘perfect moment’. This is a quote I will try to live by in the coming months to hopefully get out of it.

What lessons did you take away from these? How was January for you? What are your plans for February? Let me know all that and anything else in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “The Inspiration Circle – Jan ’17

  1. Wow. Yes. I completely agree with that quote. It reminds me of the posts that Gabriela wrote at DIY MFA in response to the U.S. election last fall. We can’t be afraid to write our truth, no matter how raw or honest it might be for us – because in the end, it might have the power to change your life and impact the world. I’ll have to read Justin Harmon’s article when I have a chance, too.

    On a related note, here’s a quote I saw this morning that resonated with me quite a bit. It’s by Hildegard von Bingen: “Even in a world that’s being shipwrecked, remain brave and strong.”

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    • Yes, I chose it specially at these difficult times so it would impact my readers and I did get the idea from her newsletter after the elections. 🙂
      That quote is definitely relevant now. I had plans of coming to the US for masters next year, but if the administration is going to be so tough on immigrants, I’m not sure if I’ll go through with my plans. This is exactly the kind of words I needed. Thanks for sharing, Sara. 🙂

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      • “I had plans of coming to the US for masters next year, but if the administration is going to be so tough on immigrants, I’m not sure if I’ll go through with my plans.”

        😦 I’m really sorry you’re being forced to make that decision… but I also understand. And as an American, all I’ll say is I’m outraged by what’s happened here over the past couple weeks, though I’m sadly not surprised this is happening, either.

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      • There’s no restriction on Indians yet, but it’s enough to make one reconsider major decisions like that. Let’s see what the future has in store.
        It’s sad to see the state of affairs right now in your country. I can only pray that everything (miraculously) gets better.

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