I Want to Write About…

I had a fiction piece ready for today, but had to schedule it for the coming weeks because this felt like the right thing to write about. This week’s Monday post gave me a lot to think about and I did mention I would write more ‘true pieces’ in that. There will always be expectations or obligations to live up to, but I want to be able to write about anything and everything I feel like on here because this little space on the Internet is a reflection of me. Today I’m going to be telling you the things I feel strongly about and would like to incorporate in my writing.


1. Characters with dementia or memory loss

If you’ve read previous posts of Fictional Fridays, you probably know about this one. Living with such a person has really made me aware of the struggles of people with the same condition and in general about people with mental illness. It is the sad truth that mental illness goes undetected or untreated and people are forced to hide it lest people think less of them. In the writing industry, there seems to be a shift with more authors writing about diverse characters, which is heartening. The message I’m trying to convey through this is that even these people are no different from (clinically) normal people, and treating them with respect, love and understanding instead of anger, contempt or neglect would go a long way in helping them cope with their condition.

Alzheimer's Dementia Dependent Woman Old Age

2. The environment

I’ve been raised by a mother who is a neat freak with a degree in biology, so I feel obligated to do small things such as pick up pieces of trash and throw them in the dustbin, use as little electricity and water as possible and recycle old items. It’s not much, I’ll admit, but I still do them anyway. Data from satellites, oceans and polar ice caps are all indicating an unnatural shift in the climate of the Earth. What pains me is how people seem to be aware of this, yet choose not to believe that they may be directly or indirectly contributing to it. As a child, I’d made up this story where trees wake up and take revenge on humans. (Sound familiar, Lord of the Rings fans? But this was before I’d read the books.) My one big literary wish is to write short stories for children that make them aware of climate change and talk about saving the environment in simple but effective terms.


3. Real female characters

The trope of ‘strong female characters’ is largely prevalent these days, but most interpretations leave me unsatisfied. One thing I dislike is that a lot of people think of physically strong characters. Some authors portray them as man-haters or make them totally against marriage just for the sake of showing they are ‘strong’. Since I read a lot of fantasy, I see quite a bit of this and I can never truly relate to such characters. There are different ways one can be strong – mentally, emotionally, by taking up a powerful position or being purposeful, to name a few. I’d like to write about such characters so that more women can see a bit (or lot) of themselves in books.

Diverse human hands showing unity

Those are some of the subjects I’m passionate about bringing into my writing, so you can expect to see more of that in my future posts and fictional pieces. What are some of the issues you’d like to explore with your writing? Do you feel strongly about any of what I’ve talked about here? Let me know in the comments down below.

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    • I find that writing about a female character who is completely different from me is hard for me too. I’m a no-makeup kind of person and if I had to write about a beauty-conscious girl, I’d definitely find it more changing than, say, a teenage boy.

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