Fictional Fridays #21


The Misfortunes of Mr. Ferrars (Part One)

Dwayne Ferrars looked down at the gold coins in his hands and counted five carefully as he dropped them in his money bag.

“That is the last of your savings, Mr. Ferrars,” said the man behind the counter. His polite smile from earlier was gone. Sensing the dismissal as the man busied himself with paperwork, Dwayne got up and walked away, his money bag giving a pitiful jingle as he moved.

He looked back at the bank after he’d walked a few paces onto the street. Its almost-white walls smiled at him mockingly in the sun. He knew he’d never have a reason to come back there again and the realisation produced a tingling at the back of his eyes. He blinked once and continued on his way, his head consumed with bitter thoughts.

He had no need to personally walk to the bank only a month ago. He’d had servants and runners and coaches and a business in his name. He had even had a reputation, though it counted for very little once the money was gone. Now it was well and truly gone. The beggars and rag-tags he had once scorned was who he was on his way to becoming. He shuddered at the thought.

He stopped in front of a modest house that his feet had automatically carried him to. It was his second favourite place in the world and the way his face lit up when he saw the figure at the door was the reason for it. Lessie came tumbling out of the gate, her golden hair swinging about her. She had sky blue ribbons in her hair, Dwayne noticed, which perfectly matched her eyes. Her face broke into a huge grin as she stopped in front of him and at that moment, she looked perfect to him.

“What did the bank people say? Did they approve the loan?” she asked, her voice hopeful.

Dwayne hated being the one to kill her mood, but he shook his head anyway.

“Why not?” she demanded.

“They don’t think I should be starting a new business venture at all, darling, seeing as what happened to the last one.”

“But that was an accident!”

“They weren’t convinced. I’m sorry, Lessie.” He hung his head.

“Fine, let them rot in the hell of their own making then. I know just the thing that will get you up on your feet in no time. When you’ve made enough money, you can quit.” She handed him a leaflet as she spoke.

“It doesn’t clearly state what the job is,” he pointed out as he read through it.

“But it’s at the palace! I’m sure it’s a perfectly respectable position. You will apply, won’t you, dear?”

“It sounds a lot like they need a babysitter for the Prince, Lessie. The pay is too exorbitant for a position such as that. Wonder what it really is about,” Dwayne mused.

“Will you please just apply? For me? You know Papa won’t let me marry you in the position you are in. He was saying something to that effect last night at dinner. Please, Dwayne?”

“Anything for you, my love.” He smiled and winked at her.

Lessie blushed a deep scarlet. “I love you too,” she whispered.

“You’re leaving already?”

“There’s a party tonight and I need time to get ready for it. Ma has been fussing over me since I woke up. I’m sorry.” Her gaze slid away from his eyes.

“I understand. I wish I could accompany you. I’m sorry as well. Goodbye, Lessie.”

He waved to her as she retreated. He rolled the leaflet tightly and held on to it as if his life depended on it all the way to the inn he was staying at. He ordered a strong drink and paid for it with the last of his money. He had a big decision to make – to listen to his cautious brain that knew something was amiss or his heart that belonged to Lessie.

What do you think Dwayne will do next? Let me know in the comments section below and also tell me how you feel about this new story. Have a happy weekend, folks! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fictional Fridays #21

  1. Uuuu, the palace sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see what Dwayne finds there. Sherlock says it’s murder…*Sherlock, c’mon…not everything has to be about murder #eyeroll*😂😂😂 Anyways, I’m waiting for the next part!😘

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