Writing and Reading Wrap-Up – March 2017

I haven’t been keeping to my schedule this month due to a few reasons and tons of excuses. It hasn’t been an easy month for me. Being a non-summer (anti-summer?) person and allergic to pollen, I’ve been tired and sick for most of it. Hopefully, April will be better (I’m not hopeful about the temperatures coming down before June, but I’ll survive), at least in terms of blogging. Apart from getting baked under the tropical sun, this is what I’ve been up to in March.



I’ve been in a “slump” recently. It’s not writer’s block, it’s just that I haven’t felt motivated enough to write. Maybe the sun sucked the creative energy out of me too. Whatever the case, I decided that I couldn’t continue with Fictional Fridays anymore. I’ve been getting the feeling that it’s a chore from sometime last year and have been grabbing at any excuse not to post for a long time now. I haven’t exactly decided what I will do on Fridays instead, but for the month of April, I will be posting updates of my Camp NaNo project. Also, I was thinking of doing a monthly wrap-up of all the good posts from the blogs I follow. Is that something you’d be interested in reading? Have any other suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments section below.


I’ve been having a blissful reading year so far. The only blessing all this heat has bestowed is me being shut up inside my room with a book. I’ve read a variety of books thanks to NetGalley, some very far out of my comfort zone. I’m glad I did and that I’m expanding my horizons. Maybe I’ll start reading more contemporary from now on. My favourite read this month was Geekerella by Ashley Poston. It’s coming out on April 4th and I was lucky to receive an ARC for it via NetGalley. It’s a feel-good cutesy retelling of Cinderella set in modern times. You can check out my review here.

Image result for geekerella cover

How was March for you? Tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly in the comments below or if you have a wrap-up on your own blog, leave a link so I can read all about it. Also, if you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo as well in April, let me know. Have a great weekend! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Writing and Reading Wrap-Up – March 2017

      • Thank you! 🙂 I hope I shall.
        I’ve been affected by something or the other from the past 3 weeks and it’s been a nightmare. Just ordinary things like cold, throat infection and headaches, but I’ve never been more tired in my life. This hasn’t left me with the time or energy to write and I was already losing motivation by March, hence my extended absence. I desperately want to get back to blogging soon!

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