The Cosmic Photo Challenge

After countless visits to the Diary of an Internet Nobody and being urged by the blogger more famously known as dalecooper57, I finally decided to take part this time in the Cosmic Photo Challenge because the prompt seemed easy: How does your garden grow? This weekly challenge is hosted by Dale and K’lee from Obzervashunal.

I’ve never been a shutterbug myself. Although I like the idea of taking pretty pictures, I don’t own a good quality camera and my editing skills are non-existent. However, if I ever found the time and had better equipment, I’d probably take a lot of pictures of my garden and nature in general. I’d also maybe take pictures of food that I cook, but then I’d have to sharpen my presentation skills as well. There’s a long way to go on that front, to be honest.

One of the best things about my house, other than my room, is the garden. We have plants all around the house, with a lush lawn out front and trees at the back. My grandfather, who built the house, was a plant pathologist. The garden was under his care when he was alive and since his passing, we’ve been doing as much as we can to preserve what he left behind. There are different varieties of roses, some of which he bred by grafting. We also have a lot of fruit-bearing trees, such as mango, jackfruit, guava and chikoo. There are some herbs and a few vegetables as well that we use in the kitchen.

So, here are some average photos with no filters that I’ve taken from my phone camera. The first two are from the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, a famous green space in my city and the rest are from my home garden. Hope you like them! 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing more, you can follow my Nature board on Pinterest.



Phew! That was a surprisingly easy post. 😀 As per my Friday poll and what I’ve gathered from comments, I’m going to try and integrate both my blogs into this one. I’m trying out a little experiment till the end of May and will be posting a book review on Tuesdays and a book meme of my own creation on Thursdays. Do check them out when you get the time and please leave feedback in the comments section so that I can assess and re-evaluate, if necessary. Thanks again! Have a lovely week ahead, folks! 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Cosmic Photo Challenge

      • Pictures of Bangalore from 30+years back? I wish I had. That was a busy three weeks, get up in the morning, breakfast in Shiv Sagar restaurant(hope my memory is still good) and take a two hour bus ride to KGF, back in the evening, MG Road, dinner and back to hotel. One weekend to Mysore. It was whirlwind.

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      • There is a Shiv Sagar still. I think your memory is pristine. 😂 KGF was two hours away? Wow, I can’t even get to the other side of Bangalore in two hours thanks to the traffic now. I’d been to MG Road just two days ago. Still a good place to hang out, especially got the younger crowd now.
        Mysore still retains its old charm. Not much traffic, a lot of greenery and tons of places to visit. We make a weekend getaway to Mysore whenever we can. 🙂
        But I meant pictures of the birds of paradise flowers, though.

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      • It is in very few places. Jayanagara, parts of Banashankari, Malleswaram and so on. But due to expansion of roads, flyovers and Metro, much of the green cover has been lost. It gets very hot and dusty now. The pollution is partly to blame for my illnesses. But it’s not all bad. I still think it’s a beautiful city, but it could be so much more.

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  1. These are stunning, thank you for making the effort. I hope we’ll see you on the challenge more often. ;~}

    Oh, and it’s “dalecooper57”, always has been. Mr Dale Cooper will very soon be returning to our screens in Twin Peaks.

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  2. Beautiful! I’m not much of a gardener (in fact, I joke that I have a “brown thumb” instead of a “green thumb,” if you know what that means…?), but I love seeing flowers as they bloom in the spring and summer. I admit that I had a tiny SQUEE moment when you showed your bird of paradise photo. I love those. 🙂

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    • I’ll admit I don’t have a green thumb either. We usually hire help for the garden, to be honest. But I do love my garden so much for all the varieties of plants that we have and I’m grateful to my grandfather for it. I’m glad you liked them! 🙂

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