Guest Post – Beauty and the Book

I wanted to bring you another post in the Inspirational Female Characters series, but I’m battling fever, fatigue and a horrible headache. Instead, I’ve decided to share this guest post that I wrote a while back on Mahriya’s amazing book blog, My Bookish Life. It’s a part of a writing challenge called The Typewriter Project and I’m so stoked to be a part of it! I hope you like my post. Let me know in the comments section below how much of a role book covers play in you deciding to read or buy a book.

Guest Post – Beauty and the Book

10 thoughts on “Guest Post – Beauty and the Book

    • OK, I just finished reading the post (nice job, btw!). For me, a book cover *can* be very important in grabbing my interest in the book. And if the cover draws me in, then I’ll read the blurb to see if I might want to read the story within. The only reason why I said “*can* be very important” is that sometimes I’ll see the blurb first (like on Amazon or Goodreads) before the cover is revealed, and then I might decide then and there whether I’m interested in the story.

      I hope that isn’t too confusing. My overall thought is, basically, yes. Cover artwork is important, and the more beautiful or well-rendered the cover is, the more likely it will catch my attention. And it’s better to have a visually appealing cover than a boring or garish one, IMO.

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      • I agree, Sara. I’m attracted by beautiful covers as well and sometimes spend a lot of time admiring it on physical books, but I see the blurb as well before deciding if I’m going to pick up the book or not. It’s a well-known fact that pretty covers can mask a terrible story and vice-versa. However, if the book manages to have a good cover and a great story, I’ll probably go out and buy the book. 😊

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      • “It’s a well-known fact that pretty covers can mask a terrible story and vice-versa.”

        Yup. I’ve run into both cases before. It just goes to show how important BOTH the cover and the blurb are in our book-buying / -reading decisions. 😉

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