Blogging for Beginners #5: Grow Your Audience

Hello and welcome to the last post of this blogging series! I hope you’ve been following the previous posts, especially if you’re a newbie and have found it helpful. Today I’ll be talking about something that is very relevant even to my “big” blog – how to grow your blog’s audience. Again, please note that I’m not an expert and I’m not going to be talking about SEO (because WordPress takes care of it on its own), but will provide tips based on my personal experiences that apply to WordPress users. With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.


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Blogging for Beginners #4: Posts & Pages

I’m so glad I’m recovered enough to post this. I’m sorry for skipping on Wednesday and that pseudo-post on Monday. I was down with viral fever and it was the best I could do. I still have a headache and all the shenanigans, so let me not waste any more words on the introduction then as the title is quite clear. If you’re a beginner and find this helpful, please let me know that my hard work behind this post is paying off.


In this post, I’m going to discuss about first posts, the tools on WordPress that make writing posts easier and what kind of pages you might need. How to create posts and pages is explained step-by-step in the first link provided under Helpful Links section, in case you want to check that out first.

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Fictional Fridays #14

As is customary, here is another chapter of Cold Scent. Also, if I have been less than active in commenting and liking the posts of my lovely fellow WordPress bloggers, I’m sorry and I promise that my regular visitations will resume. If you’ve missed out on the previous chapters, head to the Fictional Fridays tab in the main menu and you can read them all. Happy weekend, readers!

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Fictional Fridays #11

A bit of good news on the personal front – another semester and year gone by in my engineering life, which means vacation time, which means a lot of free time in which to write. As of now, I’m taking a long break and perfecting the art of doing nothing. The other good news is that I will resume my regular posting schedule from June and I’m really excited about that because I have a storehouse of wonderful post ideas. This post brings the second chapter of the (unfinished) murder mystery series that I started in Fictional Fridays #10. Watch out for the next one on May 30th!

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