Changing Your Environment

Happy World Environment Day! 🙂 If you’ve been following me from a long time, you might be aware that the environment is something I care deeply for. Since my blogging schedule perfectly aligned with the 5th of June, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about it on my blog. Prior to the celebration of this day, the news of USA withdrawing from the Paris Agreement broke out, which caused a huge uproar and rightly so. But did you know that it won’t come into effect until November 2020? However, when it is clear that those with power are not even willing to acknowledge these important issues, it is up to every individual to make a contribution.

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The Inspiration Circle – Jan ’17

Welcome to the first ever Inspiration Circle of 2017! As you might know, January was an average writing month for me but a good reading one. To make sure February is better, here is a little motivation for myself as well as any of you readers who might need it. It’s going to be shorter than the usual ones because I’m typing this in a tearing hurry. (I feel like this is a recurring pattern in January. Hmmm.) Let’s get to the good stuff now.


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