Creative Woes + An Announcement

I’ve been dreading writing this post and putting it off for the longest time. It seems like every time I take a break, it gets a little more difficult to return to the habit. Not for lack of ideas or interest, it’s mostly fear.



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The Inspiration Circle – June ’16

Update: I’m trying out a new series of posts that I’d like to turn into a monthly feature.

It’s always hard to come up with post ideas that are fresh, unique and turn out exactly as you pictured it in your head. In all honesty, that is a level of perfection that nobody has ever achieved. Several revisions and editing phases later, a new post looks nothing like the skeletal draft it once was and every truthful author will admit that somewhere in the back of their mind is a nagging voice that whispers it could be better as they hit the ‘Publish’ button. It can be quite a daunting task for a beginner to pay no heed to that voice and make their mark in the ocean of bloggers that the Internet is currently drowning in.

At times, it’s easy to let go and skip a post because of fatigue, other commitments or plain ol’ laziness. I admit that I’ve been guilty of that several times this month, which in turn has left me with quite an average month to look back on in terms of numbers. It’s no secret that blogging consistently and churning out quality content is the only path to success in this field. However, there are days on which it seems utterly insignificant compared to all the other things going on in life. Or maybe you just fell into a writing slump. This is a post tailor-made for those days, to inspire and re-ignite that creative spark.

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Story of my Life!


True story.