Who Were the First Five Authors You Read in Your Favourite Genre?

A big thank you to Sara Letourneau, who started this off on her blog. It seemed like an intriguing post idea, except that I realised that my firsts and hers had an 80% correlation. So, this post won’t be about my actual first love (fantasy). I chose to go with the crime/mystery genre. Here are my first five and one takeaway from each that has made an impact on my writing.


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Fictional Fridays #11

A bit of good news on the personal front – another semester and year gone by in my engineering life, which means vacation time, which means a lot of free time in which to write. As of now, I’m taking a long break and perfecting the art of doing nothing. The other good news is that I will resume my regular posting schedule from June and I’m really excited about that because I have a storehouse of wonderful post ideas. This post brings the second chapter of the (unfinished) murder mystery series that I started in Fictional Fridays #10. Watch out for the next one on May 30th!

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