I Want to Write About…

I had a fiction piece ready for today, but had to schedule it for the coming weeks because this felt like the right thing to write about. This week’s Monday post gave me a lot to think about and I did mention I would write more ‘true pieces’ in that. There will always be expectations or obligations to live up to, but I want to be able to write about anything and everything I feel like on here because this little space on the Internet is a reflection of me. Today I’m going to be telling you the things I feel strongly about and would like to incorporate in my writing.


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Fictional Fridays #18


Leslie entered her grandmother’s room to get away from the crowd below. Her eyes were tired of seeing only black everywhere and sympathetic faces that offered no real comfort. It had been years since she had set foot here and she felt like she was invading the privacy of a person who still lingered around somehow. She sat down carefully on the edge of the bed. The sheets still smelled like her grandmother, but the warmth had seeped out of them. Leslie shivered, getting the distinct feeling that she shouldn’t be here, but she couldn’t help herself. She needed to see if those awful rumours that were being whispered downstairs were true.

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