My Top Ten: Movies

As I sit down to write my 100th blog post, I can’t help but look back with a smile at my blogging journey. It’s been less than a year since I started posting regularly, but lately I’ve felt less compelled to give into my laziness and miss a post, mostly because writing for this blog brings me immense joy. Perhaps it isn’t a widely successful internet phenomenon, but that has never been my aim. I’m lucky that I’ve found so many loyal readers who like the sort of things I write about. On this important milestone, I’d like to thank everyone who has ever read a post written by me and felt it was worth your time.

The previous Monday post reminded me that trying to limit my favourites to three is a very difficult task for someone like me, so I decided to do something interesting and list my favourites according to the date. This time around, I chose movies, mostly because I’ve been re-watching the series that defined my childhood. I realise that a lot of people might not like the kind of cinema that I do, and if you are one of them, I hope you will not judge me by what I love. Also, I’ll be discussing only English movies in my post because a lot of my regular readers will be able to easily identify them. That does not mean that I don’t watch/hate on regional movies. In fact, recently, I’ve watched quite a lot of good Kannada movies and really liked them (Godhi BaNNa… was amazing, in my humble opinion). Also, I do enjoy the occasional Bollywood movie, provided they’re not the usual, predictable masala kind.

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My Top Three: TV Shows

Talking about the things I like other than the scope of books and writing is a refreshing change. But, have you ever had a headache and tried writing? Then you know how I’m feeling as I type this out. Well, a promise is a promise, so here’s the first post of the ‘Get to Know Me Better’ series.

The greatest paradox is that I’ve hardly watched TV since 11th grade. Right now, the TV is blaring upstairs and I’m trying to block it out as I write. The truth is, I don’t like the shows that come on the channels we’ve subscribed to. Rather, the shows I like to watch all air in channels I don’t get, so I do the next best thing – watch them on my laptop.

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