Let’s Talk Animation


If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of animated movies. Since yesterday, I’ve been binge-watching some Disney movies and done little else. I only paused now to talk about how awesome they are in this blog post and then I’ll go right back to it. Cause for concern? Probably. But animated movies are like a sugar-high without any of the side effects, and I can’t resist indulging.

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Star-Crossed Love

We are like a planet and the Sun, you and I. I can feel your rays on me constantly, and yet you are so far away. Whenever I meet you, it is as if I’m at the perihelion. We are close for a while, but we inevitably move away. I can feel the cold getting to me when I’m at the other side. I long to be closer but I can’t stray from my orbit. I dream about the day when the gravity holding us apart will collapse. Maybe then we can truly be together, but we’ll never be what we once were. We are bound to this celestial dance. We are the slaves of time and the laws of nature. If there is a bigger power than you and I, I pray for an anomaly and bide my time. All things must come to an end and so will my wait.