My Top Thirty-One: OST

I didn’t think I’d continue this because a list of 31 anything is going to end up being pretty huge, but I really needed to share this for a selfish reason. I’m trying to put together a playlist for writing for the first time so I’m prepared for NaNoWriMo (and so I can add another badge to my list). There are probably other people feeling the same way out there in the world. Or maybe you’re just tired of all the stupid songs on Bollywood with the godawful lyrics and are on the lookout for something better. Or maybe you didn’t know movie OSTs have great music. Whatever be the reason, I hope this post broadens your musical horizons.

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Best of The Lord of the Rings: OST

I don’t have much time on my hands today and I really couldn’t schedule this post beforehand, so I was looking to write a short post this time around. This gave me a sudden inspiration. Although I’d originally conceived this series to be a book discussion (and fangirl feels outlet), I decided to include the movies as well. After all, why not? The movies introduced me to the books and The Lord of the Rings is the highest Oscar-winning movie series till date. Purists might discard the films as crass commercialization and call it but a shadow of the published works, but the movies did get a lot of things right. The first thing that comes to my mind is the soundtrack.

Best of LoTR Header

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