2016 Wrap-Up

I know it’s a terribly clich√©d idea for a blog post, but looking back at the year often provides valuable lessons for the future. We probably all had that one big, embarrassing failure we don’t want to talk about and pray will never happen to us again. We all hopefully experienced a few deviously designed plans by the devil that confounded us but which we overcame anyway, becoming wiser in the process. We all definitely had those beautiful moments where the entire universe was perfectly aligned just for us, which brings a smile on our faces even as we think about it now. By now you should be convinced this is a great post idea. If you are, then bear with me as I share how 2016 went for me (and you can tell me all about yours after that).


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On Overuse

The folks who run Blogging 101 didn’t leave me an option with this assignment, so here is my version of it. The prompt for this post is “Reason to Believe“.¬†Warning: It reads like a rant.

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