On Overuse – Part Two

[Note: Life is getting slightly more hectic than I’d planned for, so I’ve not been putting up Fictional Fridays in August thus far. I will get back to it once time permits. Even this post is hardly what you’d call wordy, but I’ve tried to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. Hope you enjoy!]

As I spend an increasing amount of time surfing through the Internet (mostly Twitter), I can’t help but notice some glaringly overused words and phrases. As my previous post On Overuse is probably my most successful post to date, I decided to pour out my annoyance in part two.

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On Overuse

The folks who run Blogging 101 didn’t leave me an option with this assignment, so here is my version of it. The prompt for this post is “Reason to Believe“.¬†Warning: It reads like a rant.

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