Writing Plan – Jan 2017


I do realise it would have been better if I’d posted this on the first Friday of January, but better late than never, right? This will become a regular monthly feature along with a Writing Wrap-up on the last Friday of each month. It may not be all that fun to read (sorry, this was a last-minute post!) but it’s very important to me personally because I procrastinate a lot. And by that I mean, A LOT. I don’t follow schedules or plans even though I have a lot of goals I’d like to achieve and it so happens that I can never accomplish them all.

To fix that, I’m trying to discipline my flighty mind by making plans. Nothing too rigid so I’ll feel suffocated or disinclined to follow, but more like an outline. In the immortal words of Captain Barbossa,


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#NaNoPrep Week 2: Be a Plantser

The second week of October is nearing its end and the NaNoWriMo madness is gathering steam. Did you attend the live webinar yesterday? I had to miss a comfortable night’s sleep for that one. But no matter, because I woke up to a holiday, which means I can catch up on the lost hours of sleep.

You might have noticed a few changes to the site this time if you’re a veteran or get thoroughly confused if you’re new around these parts. Today I’ll be taking you through the two schools of writing – the “planner” and “pantser”. But this post will mainly focus on the best of both worlds – how to be a “plantser”.


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