5 Ways to Make Your Daily Commute Less Tedious

It’s Monday again and I want to say that without sounding dull or predictable, but can’t seem to manage it. The truth is sitting in a bus with uncomfortable seats for hours tires me out more than anything else. I hope that isn’t the case with you, but if it is even close to how I feel about my commute, this post is definitely for you. I’ve decided that my Monday posts are going to be themed and for August, I’m going with ‘Daily Commute’ (you wouldn’t believe the sheer amount of time I dread it and actually do it).


You will find these standard ways of whiling away time everywhere – either people are glued to their screens even after spending a whole day staring at a different one or bobbing their heads to the music delivered through their earphones. Sleep is another one I chose to leave off my list simply because of how obvious it is. None of the below ways involve the stress of squinting at your phone/tablet/laptop, but rather aim to relax your mind and make your commute an interesting as well as a happy activity. All of these apply to people who use public transport or take a cab but many can be done by those who drive as well.

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On Overuse – Part Two

[Note: Life is getting slightly more hectic than I’d planned for, so I’ve not been putting up Fictional Fridays in August thus far. I will get back to it once time permits. Even this post is hardly what you’d call wordy, but I’ve tried to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. Hope you enjoy!]

As I spend an increasing amount of time surfing through the Internet (mostly Twitter), I can’t help but notice some glaringly overused words and phrases. As my previous post On Overuse is probably my most successful post to date, I decided to pour out my annoyance in part two.

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