Alternate Book Titles – Harry Potter

With the imminent release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them this week, my recent re-watching of the Harry Potter film series and getting my hands on all the movie soundtracks, this post was just inescapable. I searched far and wide for alternate titles that would have the Marauder’s featured in it and found this one on Reddit based on Sirius (you’ll have to scroll quite a lot). However, it felt sort of incomplete as he’s majorly present only for two books. So, here is my new and improved version featuring them all.

The Marauders 01 – James is in a Mirror

The Marauders 02 – Sirius is STILL in Jail

The Marauders 03 – The Map Never Lies

The Marauders 04 – James Visits a Graveyard

The Marauders 05 – Another One Departs

The Marauders 06 – L + T = Love

The Marauders 07 – And Then There Were None

I hope this tickled your funny bone and hit you right in the feels too. I did warn you in October that my November posts would be short, didn’t I? That’s it for today. Please leave your own variations in the comments section. Any alternate title that you can think of will do, not just Harry Potter (especially if you aren’t a fan – I’m not judging).

Fictional Boyfriends Tag

First off, I’ll confess that I haven’t put a lot of thought into this one. It’s just a list off the top of my head. The characters mentioned below are from books that I have loved reading, not from all the books that I have read. Secondly, I’m going to imagine an ideal world where it wouldn’t be weird to date some of them who are obviously a lot older than me. Let’s pretend they’re all 20 for the time being.

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