#NaNoPrep Week 3: Flex Your Writing Muscles

The third week flew by and the daunting task of NaNoWriMo feels ominously close now. The old NaNoWriMo groups are active again and most writers are talking about taking part in it. There’s an even bigger pool of advice this year – everyone from veterans to newbies seem to be tweeting and blogging about it. However, most of them seem to be addressing only outlining or aspects of planning. In this post, I’m going to direct you to something a lot of people tend to neglect.


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Book Review: DIY MFA

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Title: DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community

Author: Gabriela Periera

Genre: Writing guide, prescriptive nonfiction

Published by: Writer’s Digest Books

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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